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Getting into the best shape of your life is a journey and one we’re happy to be a part of.  People from all walks of life come through our doors who may need individual attention. Whether they struggle with strength, flexibility and stability or even recovering from an injury we can closely work with the individual and taylor a progressive program that will help them reach their goals.  And on the other hand we also work with athletes who may need a sport specific program that will enable them to excel at their sport. Personal training will provide a private environment where you will learn safe and essential movement, as well as build the strength, conditioning and confidence to attack anything life has to throw your way.

Personal Training at our Facility is individualized in order to help you meet whatever goals you may have, hence the name Personal Training. If your goal is weight loss, getting strong, improving movement through flexibility and stability training, being a faster, more explosive athlete, we’re here to ensure that you do the things you need in order to succeed. We will work with your needs, time constraints and lifestyle to create a custom training plan, give you nutrition guidance and lifestyle tips that will set you up for success.

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Jen is a mom of two great kids and spent the last 8 years of her life caring for her family. Always being interested in sport and physical activity, she found herself “not having time” for herself and her health. Coming to CrossFit N6, she realized that taking care of herself was “NOT SELFISH” but selfless. Now her entire family values fitness, her kids are active and the entire family eats better. This lady is truly and inspiration and we are blessed to be working with her.



Colin is one of the hardest working guy I know, here’s his story:

CrossFit N6 is not just about training and getting in shape it is a community. I have met some great people and have made some great friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at CrossFit N6 and look forward to many new challenges. My first day I realized how bad of shape I was in but I was determined to turn things around and 5 .5 months later I have lost 15 lbs and gained a lot of muscle! I’m stronger and am able to move better than ever before. With great coaching and encouragement from my fellow athletes I now feel great and look great. I have changed my lifestyle and can see the results. I can now do handstand push ups and double unders and Sil has stopped telling me how weak my ankles are!! I look forward to the “Box” everyday and always enjoy the new challenges. I hate when I miss a class as I feel like I have missed part of my routine for the day. Not only has CrossFit changed my appearance and having to get new clothes but it has changed my abilities in many sports I play. I am hitting the golf ball 10 to 15 yards longer for each club when I play golf and for hockey my endurance is back to the levels when I played Varsity hockey. CrossFit N6 is a great place to go for an hour everyday and I look forward to training and meeting new people there.

Thanks for everything Sil, CrossFit N6 is truly an amazing place that you have built.



Tushar 10 months Later


Tushar Patel

Guys, thought I would share this with you all. My 9 month effort started to show some results. This is how it all happened. Life threw many challenges on me, since I moved to Canada including changes learning culture, people, food and obviously my survival in Canada. During this course of my life – past 15 years – I gained weight to the point where it started to affect my mobility, confidence and health to the point where I started to feel depressed about my weight and the way I felt/look, until I found CFN6. It took me 3 months to push my self to start at crossfit and to gain that there is a hope and someone out there who can help me get back on my feet. I can’t thank my lovely wife Roshni and my son Dhir enough, on supporting me on my journey to good health. I remembered my first day at crossfit about 9 months ago; I was shy and felt scared until I entered the gym and I met Silviu Bona my coach and my crossfit Guru. Sil helped me understand where I was and created fitness goals to support me. That’s where my crossfit journey started. His personal approach towards me helped me gain my confidence back. Life started to take shape. I met many people who became very good friends, supporters and partners in workout. This is where you are not judged on who you are or where you are in your life, for your weight, size or your fitness level. You’re sure that there is always a full team to support you to finish your workout even if it is finishing last on a run, rowing or box jumps. There are people who are inspirational and supporters who truly care about you. Now crossfit is part of my life. I love you guys ( Sil, Jenny Scrymgeour and my friends at crossfit) a tone. If you’re reading this and if you need help…it’s up to you to give that push, make it to the crossfit door and see the difference… This is where CROSSFIT N6’s slogan fits my life “stronger than yesterday” and yes this is my story….45 pounds lighter and much much stronger physically and emotionally….